Interview with Petr Gusev: How To Manage an ML Team the Right Wayby@javierortega

Interview with Petr Gusev: How To Manage an ML Team the Right Way

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The "Interview with Petr Gusev: How to Manage an ML Team" provides valuable insights into Petr Gusev's extensive experience in ML engineering and product management. Gusev, an ML Tech Lead at Deliveroo, shares his successful management strategies and approaches to handling challenges within an ML team. The interview covers various aspects, including successful project management, delegation of tasks, effective communication, handling challenges during model development, resource allocation, alignment with business goals, impact measurement, and fostering a collaborative and inclusive team environment. Gusev emphasizes the importance of aligning ML projects with business goals, employing strategies such as regular communication, setting OKRs, and tracking progress through various methods like A/B testing and quarterly degradation testing. He also discusses the significance of fostering a collaborative team environment, encouraging continuous learning through initiatives like reading clubs, R&D days, and ML hackathons, and resolving conflicts through open communication and, when necessary, involving HR. The interview provides a comprehensive view of Petr Gusev's approach to managing ML teams, offering valuable insights for ML practitioners, team leads, and those interested in understanding the intricacies of ML project management in real-world scenarios.

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